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Photo by @katieorlinsky | Young polar bears play in the Alaskan Arctic. Anyone with a sibling can probably relate. I made this image in the Inupiat village of Kaktovik, Alaska. Every fall after the community’s annual subsistence hunt of bowhead whales, polar bears arrive to feed off the whale carcass scraps and bones. Climate change has affected the migration and diet of polar bears, which have grown increasingly hungry as melting sea ice impairs their ability to hunt seals on the ice sheet. Meanwhile, scavenging so close to town brings its own set of challenges to both polar bears and the people of Kaktovik. With a steady stream of tourists and scientists coming to view and study the polar bears year after year, bears grow increasingly accustomed to interaction with humans—the most dangerous predator on the planet.
We’re getting Carnival-ready with singer Preta Gil (@pretagil) in Rio de Janeiro. ⭐⁣
Preta is hosting her annual bloco — or street party — for Carnival, and chose to wear a colorful crochet dress that paid homage to her ancestors and her grandmothers.⁣
Watch our story to see her get ready for her bloco performance. 💃💓⁣
Photo of @pretagil by @euthiagobruno
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Fittings with @themarcjacobs shot by @vijatm
Training for Black Adam⚡️
The hierarchy of power in the DC Universe is about to change. 
Eye for an eye. 
Do right by the people. 
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Shooting begins this summer