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“Powerful & Alluring”, Hitch for The Universe.
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Why’s the truth unbelievable6 days agoDownload
The way even you treat me what am I supposed to believe13 days agoDownload
Please don’t use my name as a sign of affection13 days agoDownload
You’ve become even more important to me than the air that I breathe18 days agoDownload
It’s cool to know that somebody once cared & always will 🕴🏼🎓☀️ Stay Golden 🎼
a month agoDownload
In the motion of the sea you must always know the wind that doesn’t touch the waves2 months agoDownload
My Job is The Best Job Ever!2 months agoDownload
If you don’t gotta good vibe you won’t ever catch mine! Loving @saintjhn ‘s New Album “Ghetto Lenny’s Love Songs” I’ve loved you from the beginning! THESE ARE STILL THE HOOD RULES! THIS IS HOW IT SHOULD BE! IF YOU ARE NOT A MADE MAN YOU CAN NOT DISCUSS ME!
2 months agoDownload
Musically Crafted2 months agoDownload
Hair Turning Blonde Again My Eyes Going Blue2 months agoDownload
I don’t understand 
But here I am still2 months agoDownload
New Music Today! “Consequences”2 months agoDownload