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Que noite! Inesquecível @ensaiosdaanitta ontem no Rio... obrigada a TODOS pela energia surreal. Meus amigos, família, equipe... tudo incrível. Obrigada também @jorgevercillooficial @mcrebecca @gaab @tchakabum @djzullu pelas participações. Dia 26 tem mais. Por mim eu ja queria toda semana. Vamboraaaaaaaa... Realização @clarobrasil @cheetos_brasil @skolbeats @rexonabrasil
Vamos viver! (Nem comecem a história por causa do boné. Haahhahaha ... Esqueci o meu em casa e @doug.romeu me emprestou esse)
There’s nothing more relaxing than doing my skincare routine after a long day. 😌🥰 I’ve been using my favorite, the @olehenriksen Truth Juice Daily Cleanser for weeks and I’m so excited it’s finally out! This gel cleanser is my go-to for makeup removal & it literally smells like oranges! 😍🍊 Available now at #truthjuice
Ven a dormir conmigo: no haremos el amor, él nos hará. ❤️
Gym time 💗 Maybe it will be my last workout of this year. Excited for 2020 and to set new goals! 👊🏻
República Dominicana Mágica
I don’t think you’ve ever seen someone so happy to go back to the -50 celcius weather,  I just landed in Montreal and clearly I’m no longer wearing this outfit 🥶 being just as happy & excited when I leave for vacay as when I go back home makes me realize I really made it in life, this feeling of “omg I have so many bikini ideas now, omg I have a giveaway idea for Hoaka and OBVIOUSLY OMG I’M GOING TO BE REUNITED WITH THE LOVES OF MY LIFE LUNA MAYLIE & ROYCE 🐺) perfect moment to introduce our life to a new family member isnt ?! 🦋🌈☁️
Before I get full of fuckin champagne
That kind of one take photo you get to remember this magic moment without ruining it 🌅 this sunset was perfect and even more cause we spent it eating burritos together us 3 🌯 I’ll always remember all of these moments, they’re even more special because of the 2 humans I’m with 🦋 Bryan ily and I’m sorry if I’m full of hormones and I get easily grumpy when I’m hungry but you know it’s not me.. it’s the baby 🤪 (i love being able to use that excuse all day long) it’s crazy cause I always knew we would stay together forever but now it’s just one more confirmation and I feel so blessed to know I’ll spend the rest of my life by your side 🥺 ILY AND I LOVE OUR BURRITOS SUNSETS 🌹
Sem palavras pra você irmão, simplesmente TE AMO❤️ PARABÉNS bro 🙏🏽👏🏽 Deus abençoe  @gilcebola
"Catch me live on Big Bazaar Sabse Saste 5 Din" on Fb . It’s going to be lot of fun. Don’t miss it on 22nd January. @big.bazaar