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Me and Santa go way back 🌲 Hope you all had a very merry Christmas ✨
Vaya noche más intensa nos espera hoy en la @islatentaciones!! 😱🍎🐍🌴 Estáis preparados para las hogueras?! 🔥🔥 Os recuerdo: hay más imágenes.... 🤣 Tenéis ya un favorito?? Os leo... 😘💖⁣
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Hati hati start kereta pada 1 January 2020. Takot kereta terbang. Hi guys assalamualaikum. Doa saya untuk tahun dan azam baru jadikan semua baru. Impian baru diri baru jiwa baru. Yang lepas biarkan berlalu. Yang baru biarkan berlaku. Kalau dulu nombor 3 pastikan jadi nombor 1. Jadi lebih baik dan lagi baik. 
I did a shoot with @sincity_crook that will make you say “Cowabunga baby” you can only see it if you join my Only(Fans) in my BlO Right Now!😍❤️💦
Pick your favorite month (January to October 2019)
Infiltrating your wholesome Christmas feed w some bewbs 🤣🤣🤣
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One of my digital resolutions for 2020 is to share more of what I love with the world. (Yes I have digital, nutritional, spiritual, financial and career resolutions lol) So to begin early, one of the things I love most is @sugartaco !! We’re a plant-based restaurant restaurant in the heart of West Hollywood owned by a team of amazing women! 💓 myself included ⁣😉🌮
Another love of mine is my bestie @Chy.F :) You have probably seen her on my stories, snapchats, or heard her on my podcast over the years (10 points if you remember the time I made her pasta shaped out of... you know lol) We bartended together in Baton Rouge, Louisiana and both separately ended up moving to Los Angeles to follow our dreams. Now we’re on 8 years of friendship and a lot of laughs and adventures later. She’s stunning, hilarious and a true sister to me. ⁣🙃🙃
What are some of your 2020 resolutions?
Good morning world. Ready for a great week! ⁣🌸🌸
This Sunday January 26 I’ll be @SugarTaco for a special calendar signing! Come take a pic, buy a calendar, drink a margarita or talk with me about my favorite thing... my dog. See you Sunday! ✨
Tell me below in the comments which you prefer..blondes or brunettes? .
.Does It make me look more sweet and innocent? 😈😛
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Ура!))) Мы на месте! ♠️
P.S. Я не знаю, почему на фото дата отображается справа налево!))) 🤷🏻‍♀️