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My:name 👆 Living : AL IRAQ 🇮🇶/ AL DIWANIYA Month of birth : 1 / 27 I am one of the biggest fans of singer Charlie Puth❤
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كلُ محاولاتكِ ادت الى الفشل 
لا تحاول يا صديقي 😔🍃 All your failed attempts my friend do not try😔🍃 ali_jassim_10
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لا اعرف ماذا يدور في داخل رأسي ولاكني متعب تمامآ . 😧😧 #ALI_JASSIM
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كم اشتقت اليك يامن تأتي من بعد منزلة الله لدي. 😢😢😢 ALI_JASSIMa year agoDownload
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No one knows what is in the heart of anyone, so do not tire yourself with them2 years agoDownload
You have to be careful about others' feelings, even if you are in the hardest of your times2 years agoDownload
Be sure that no one lasts for you2 years agoDownload