Burj Al Arab


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Cross the bridge, you won’t look back #BurjAlArab #JumeirahHotels
With your head in the clouds and your body immersed in the blue waters of Talise Spa, take a dip and contemplate which amazing spa treatment you'll enjoy next. 
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A city of multitudes, lose yourself in Dubai like @GwynethPaltrow
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Celebrating 20 years of Burj Al Arab Jumeirah; a groundbreaking architectural icon reflecting the heritage and traditions of Dubai and Arabia.
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To one side, glittering waves; to the other, a birds-eye view of bustling city life, served with a side of decadent Afternoon Tea at Skyview Bar & Restaurant. #OnlyatBurjAlArab #BurjAlArab #JumeirahHotels 
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Create memories by the sea like @GwynethPaltrow.
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Winding waterways and sprawling beaches, all lead towards the one prominent feature standing on the coastline.
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Each step into the blue water of Talise Spa is a moment of stress released from your body. At the perfect temperature and with the most stunning vistas over the city, an afternoon spent on the 18th floor is one you will cherish for a long time.
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Intricate tiling creates an instantly discernible sun mosaic on the floor of the lobby, as guests make their way further inside Burj Al Arab Jumeirah. 
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A superstructure that broke records and solidified Dubai's status as a leader in innovation and architecture. 
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Have you ever tried the unique taste of a Turkish ice-cream from a traditional cart? Find the blue trolley out on The Terrace and indulge in a sweet treat in the most stunning location. 
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The tallest all-suite hotel in the world, with one of the most architecturally advanced leisure centres on the planet. 
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The blue stripes of glass encase the building, ensuring that every double-storey suite has a panoramic view from both floors. 
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