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First time posting here since March... thank you for staying 🙏😊 When I am on trip, I can hardly cope up with my main account, let alone this precious portfolio account, because I have to work and concentrate for almost 18 hours  a day.  So please accept my apology if you don't find me often here.  I really appreciate that you are still following me on this little account @christinatan1 🙏🏻 I consider it as my limited edition collection 😅no ad, no rubbish, no sponsor, no hit photos. Just @sassychris1 and her passion.
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The darkness in Lofoten beaches turned gold on final images - what a beautiful nature!2 years agoDownload
Vernazza, Cinque Terre 
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Vernazza, Cinque Terre2 years agoDownload
Somewhere above
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Lake Bled, frozen
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The legendary Mykonos 🌅 sunset
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Prague is always a good idea👍🏼😃
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The classic Hallstatt 
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Rozmberk, South Bohemia Region, Czech Republic 
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Hohenzollern castle, Germany
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Bali, Indonesia
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