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Hey Sharer Fam 🐾 I’m Cooper Sharer! I love to play with my brother Otter and go for walks with Stephen, Grace and Mama Sharer🤟
So many fun colors, I couldn’t pick a favorite 🎨 Sharers, comment down below and let me know what your favorite color is!!3 months agoDownload
🛁Just took a bath! All clean🧖‍♂️🐾 Comment below ⤵️ who’s shoe is peeping in the back 🔎8 months agoDownload
All ready for my basketball practice! 🏀Comment below⤵️ what your favorite sport it!🏈🎱⛳️🥊8 months agoDownload
Rainy dayz☔️ mean lazy dayz 🐾 comment below ⤵️what’s the weather is like by you!☀️❄️🌈8 months agoDownload
Happy Saturday!🌞 I went on my first walk today! ⤵️Comment down below what you like todo outside 🍃8 months agoDownload
Hey Sharer’s! Cooper here🐶 my goal this month is to be house trained. ⤵️Comment below your goals for the month. Ruff Ruff 🐾8 months agoDownload