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I’m the guy who writes about a toothbrush, aliens and a fabulously bratty teenager. Yeah. ⬇️ click the link to read my amazing stories :)
Season 3 will start on October 27th :)17 days agoDownload
• THREE NEW CHAPTERS • of Toothbrush are out!! 🎉
Find out who really killed Gabriel Lennox and what happens next now that your lover has been sent away...
Chapter 41 closes season 2 with a bang and opens the third season’s arc... Q&A at the end of the chapter to answer all your questions :)a month agoDownload
• TWO NEW CHAPTERS • of Toothbrush are out now! Some scenes are cute af lol I am rooting for my characters so badly. Oh and I apologize for the cliffhanger :)a month agoDownload
Hey guys! My schedule is getting a little hectic lately, I’m working on a few new projects and I’m back in college so I won’t update Toothbrush this Sunday. NEVERTHELESS I will double-update on Sunday the 15th.
Hope you understand, I’d rather update in two weeks than rush under pressure and force-write and give you shitty chapters haha! Peace out enjoy the weekend :)2 months agoDownload
• THREE NEW CHAPTERS • of Toothbrush are out now! Hope you like them as much as I do :)2 months agoDownload
Hey guys! Sorry I can’t publish today because I’m waiting for a few backgrounds and overlays to be approved so here is a sneak peek instead lol! Next update will at least be a double-update though #silverlinings2 months agoDownload
• ONE NEW CHAPTER • of Toothbrush is out! Look out, I think I see a plot twist and a cliffhanger :)
Also I updated all customization templates from chapter 1 to 29, I left out the most recent ones so you wouldn’t have to replay a chapter if you’re up-to-date - but I will update those templates before next Sunday (so read this chapter before next Sunday if you don’t want to replay an episode haha) 😬2 months agoDownload
• IN HOT WATER • is out now on Episode! Follow Bella on their dream summer vacation to Hawaii, but obviously nothing goes as planned... 🌴🌺2 months agoDownload
Dear losers, you’ve got mail! 🐚🌺
In Hot Water (DST spin-off) will be out tomorrow!2 months agoDownload
Bella is almost ready for her summer getaway... are you? 😎🌴
In Hot Water will be out this Friday (5:30PM UTC+2)2 months agoDownload
• ONE NEW CHAPTER • of Toothbrush is out! Enjoy :)2 months agoDownload
Find yourself someone that looks at you the way Daniel looks at [main character] #TOOTHBRUSH
*can you feel the love starts playing in the background*
Made by @talialeannee thanks again2 months agoDownload