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Noida, Delhi📍 [email protected] 📩
Shahi paneer, dal makhni and raita served with chur chu naan at the very famous Raju chur chur naan.😍❤️
The butter spread and kaju kishmish over the naan is making me drool already.🤤4 hours agoDownload
My current obsession is this amazing chicken platter at Chilli’s.😍🤤
I had the best chicken hot wings.🍗
9 hours agoDownload
The creamiest and tastiest white sauce pasta I ever had.😍🤤
Location - Bistro37, Noida.❤️a day agoDownload
I had this cheese pav bhaji at Jhakaas pav bhajiwala recently. Tbh, they have degraded their quality of bhaji from past 1 year.😶
So it was 3 on 5 for me.☺️a day agoDownload
Can it be better than a plate of aloo tikki with lots of dahi and chutney?🔥🥰
I had this at Brahmaputra Plaza, Noida.😍
2 days agoDownload
Thick milkshakes, peri peri fries, sandwiches, spaghetti pasta.😍🤤
Cafe Wink be my all time favourite place.❤️🌸3 days agoDownload
Kebabs and tikkas on my mind.😍
Seekh kebab, paneer tikka, tandoori soya chap and tandoori chicken is what I loved from these Indian tandoori platters at Detroit CP.🍗❤️4 days agoDownload
Had this yummy Italian kadak roomali from Indus Flavors recently at a food fest.😍🤤
4 days agoDownload
Weekend is incomplete without a good pizzaaa.😍🤤
Cheese overloaded is definitely my type.❤️🍕5 days agoDownload
Peri peri fries.🍟🔥
Comment down your fav place for peri peri fries.🥰6 days agoDownload
Spinach momos anyone?💁🏻‍♀️
I am definitely not a spinach or a veg person you can say.🤣 These were quite average for me.😬
7 days agoDownload
So this man went out to celebrate Children’s Day in a very true sense.🌸
Meet my friend @bharatsh79. Thankyou for spreading happiness and love.🥰❤️
#ChildrensDay #SpreadingHappiness
8 days agoDownload