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I do not apologise for the pics I take. I like to think out of the box and not conform to society. I do not trout pout or wear makeup. I am just me
Saturday morning having had another great sleep. Can too much of a good sleep be bad for you ?!!!!3 days agoDownload
Ok last one I promise #stupidedits15 days agoDownload
Sunday night antics #stupidedits15 days agoDownload
Oh it's got to be done #stupidedits15 days agoDownload
Awake at 5 am..still in my jim filters to hide my exhaustion..this is me..bags and all lol.a month agoDownload
Curly..felt like a change ..#saturdaymadness2 months agoDownload
Loving my new sketchers...I dont do bright colours  that often lol..I have to say the memory foam cushion is amazing in them..thank you @mr.g.taylor ..I love them..and cannot wait to wear my other pair. #walkingonair2 months agoDownload
Sunday morning week of being on earth did I get here !!!! #lazyday2 months agoDownload
Happy Birthday to me. Such love from the people that matter. Bloody good day #birthdaygirl2 months agoDownload
Last pic of me age 45...not sure how I got here..deffo been hard..upsetting and a few laughs along the way. Tomorrow is a new day !!!2 months agoDownload
Just popped in for a bottle of water ..#hothothot🔥🔥🔥3 months agoDownload
Oh yes..sun is shining and I am hot tubbing it3 months agoDownload