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β€œLetting go of what might have been, and letting something else in ..β€πŸ™πŸΌπŸ’“ love singing this song!
Lesson: Stop waiting for someone else to give me permission to do what I love because holy guacamole it felt so good to be singing just for meee ✨🎀✨ and now for YOU to enjoy!😘
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We all have two lives. You start living your second one when you realize you only have 1. Let that sink in for a minute πŸ€”. What’s keeping you from living your purpose driven life? Fear? Lack of Knowledge? Self Confidence? Glow ups are never external. It’s all internal. Start with You. What makes you happy? What are you naturally good at? What makes you excited? This is YOUR life. YOUR story. No one is qualified to tell you how to live it. If you don’t know, seek knowledge/wisdom. If you’re afraid, seek God. If you’re unsure, do it anyway. There’s lessons and blessings in everything we do. What are you doing for yourself, Today, that your Future Self will be Thankful for? Leave yesterday in the Past, it’s too heavy to carry. Let tomorrow worry about itself (That’s in the Bible πŸ‘ŒπŸΎ) and start Maximizing Today. You got this! πŸ’œMo
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