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Packing for a wedding in California, and then about 12 days in Paris for fashion week.2 months agoDownload
during the summer, less is always more - with both my skincare and makeup, i go for an easy, glowy look that (usually) takes no longer than 5 minutes. the result is a natural, no-makeup-makeup vibe that lasts all day and can easily be freshened up with an afternoon face mist or a colored lip come nightfall. the best thing about this face oil is it plays well with others; i like to look at it as a booster to any current products i have in rotation. easy peasy, 10/10 would recommend⭐️🌟💯 #GoToPaidMe3 months agoDownload
#alyssaxpetitestudio has been fully restocked and to celebrate we’re giving you and a friend your favorite piece from the collection❤️ just tag someone below to enter! thank you again to everyone who has supported the collection thus far, i’m still pinching myself🙏💋 good luck! REMINDER DISCOUNT CODE alyssainthecity104 months agoDownload
Visited the Rosemilk studio today to try on the latest collection and was blown away as always by the silhouettes, details, and fabrics. So much care goes into this line and it shows ❤️6 months agoDownload
welcome to my new place ❤️ so excited to share my decorating process with you! lmk your thoughts, tips, and ideas!6 months agoDownload
Here’s how I keep my skin in check despite so many flights these days! I like to wash my face and do a super hydrating skin routine before I get onto any plane. Tagging brands in the comments. Lmk if any Qs!7 months agoDownload
All of my favorite products in rotation right now. Any questions, ask below!8 months agoDownload
vintage shopping is one of my favorite ways to get inspiration, so i always stop by the vintage Reformation location when I’m in LA. here’s everything I tried on last week when I stopped in! thanks to the Ref team for always having me come by, and even peek at the back-stock room :’)))9 months agoDownload
here's a glimpse at what I (over)packed for Copenhagen Fashion Week :) I'm too sleep-deprived to tag everyone but lmk in the comments if you need me to tag any of the brands I mentioned!9 months agoDownload
Can’t believe how dreamy this suite at @rosewoodmayakoba @rosewoodhotels is, had to share!!!😩😩🙏🙏 Can’t wait to share more of the #rosewoodgirlfriends trip with you. ❤️a year agoDownload
On why I love New York, always. ❤️ Thanks @dagnedover and @kristinkremers for including me in this lovely project ✨a year agoDownload
Nyfw street style video by @b.v.cooper ❤️ Wearing @aninebingofficial with @mfass @rayasunshiinea year agoDownload