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I make music, pretend to be other people on tv screens, and generally try to be a good human while floating on this doomed space rock
I think we should do something crazy 💭💕14 days agoDownload
featuring weird hand drumming15 days agoDownload
Yes I covered this song already. Yes I did it again because I got a lyric wrong the first time and it was bothering me. Yes I’m singing and posting this at midnight. Idk bro. It’s a weird week19 days agoDownload
20 days agoDownload
a month agoDownload
song by @itsbennyblanco ft @ryanbeatty2 months agoDownload
2 months agoDownload
choreo by @jakekodish for @louisthechild’s newest banger. filmed by @tmillytv 💥2 months agoDownload
3 months agoDownload
impromptu concert buddies for life. @dannykosarin3 months agoDownload
3 months agoDownload
performing Take This Outside for the first time ever. Double tap if you want a music video 🤪4 months agoDownload