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| CIIT | BMMA | 19 | Sta. Mesa, MNL | "Speak little but well if you would want to be esteemed as a person of merit." - Trench
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the best people that has ever come to my life. love you so much girls! 💖💫
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effort > material things

thank you so much for this @zacheia 😭💕 i really didn't expect this. you gave this for me out of the blue when i least expected it and i was so fucking overwhelmed by how perfectly detailed and beautiful your art is ✨we were all crying on how much stuff we have to do in school yet you managed to do this in spite of our busy schedule. you're amazing! 😘💕a year agoDownload
ngiting pilit 🙈😬a year agoDownload
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the things that you would do just to get a great shot2 years agoDownload
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"You with the sad smile, don't lose your courage, courage." -Midnight Moon, Oh Wonder2 years agoDownload