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It’s been a minute...💋 throwback from LA 💯 Happy Wednesday all! ♥️7 hours agoDownload
How are You going to make it happen today...💋 not tomorrow, not next week, not next month. The time is NOW. For me it’s generally wanting things done yesterday but will settle for now 😘 #mrsrodial #makeithappena day agoDownload
I am working on being vibrant...💋 you have to put in the work though, no door opens by itself however vibrant you may be 😘 Happy Monday! #mrsrodial #howtomakeithappen2 days agoDownload
I’ll take both...💋 @rodialbeauty Magic Gel Day & Night 💯 with real diamond powder 💎 #rodial3 days agoDownload
Happy weekend...💋4 days agoDownload
Recording the audio of my new book...💋 How To Make It Happen 💥 #mrsrodial #howtomakeithappen6 days agoDownload
Stepping into Wednesday...💋 have an amazing day all! 💯
7 days agoDownload
How To Make It Happen...💋 Turning Failure Into Success 💥 Just Dropped my Second Book - preorder link on Bio 💥 What to Expect : I take you through a journey of 10 steps to take you from Zero Motivation to a Motivation Powerhouse. Using the power of Failure to Turn it into Success #mrsrodial #howtomakeithappen 💥 Release Date 23 January 💯9 days agoDownload
Just chilling...💋10 days agoDownload
It’s Friday and I mean business...💋12 days agoDownload
Just Dropped : The Mrs Rodial Edit Palette...💋 beyond excited to introduce my all-in-one palette, for setting, bronze, contour, blush, highlight and my two favourite eyeshadow colours. It’s the only palette that I use for full face make up and the only palette I travel with 💥 💥Tap for Stockists 💯 #rodial #makeup #mrsrodial14 days agoDownload
Coat weather...💋14 days agoDownload