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Storms and Superstitions | Photograph by Andrei Stoica (@arizonaphotoadventures) | "This spectacular storm barreled through the Superstition Mountains in Arizona a few days ago," says #YourShotPhotographer Andrei Stoica."It was pretty unusual for this time of year, but it had everything: it caused a small sandstorm, hail, anticrepuscular rays, rainbows and, of course, heavy rain. It was all over in one hour, just before sunset!"2 hours agoDownload
On the Prowl | Photograph by Husain Alfraid | A lioness on the hunt gets unexpected company in the form of three curious giraffes in Masai Mara, Kenya. Masai giraffes are the largest species of giraffe-- meaning they're the world's tallest land animals. #YourShotPhotographer6 hours agoDownload
Sunday Sundae | Photograph by Jessica Dalton (@Travelologie_) | In Fondren, Mississippi, sisters share an ice cream sundae at an old-fashioned diner. #YourShotPhotographer17 hours agoDownload
The Wave | Photograph by Darlene Smith | Only twenty people a day obtain permits to hike The Wave in northern Arizona. A photo such as this requires not just luck with the weather and the light, but also in getting chosen for one of the lottery permits. #YourShotPhotographer20 hours agoDownload
Swim School | Photograph by Samantha Schwann (@samanthaschwann) | A school of jacks swim in formation in the waters off Cabo Pulmo, Mexico. "In 1995, the residents petitioned the government to create a marine reserve to protect the area which was being depleted by fishing operations and causing damage to the coral reef, estimated to be 20,000 years old," says #YourShotPhotographer Samantha Schwann. "Since then, the biomass has seen an increase of nearly 450%, with a return of some species which haven't been seen since the 1980's."a day agoDownload
The Road to Love | Photograph by A. Kadar (@agota_kadar) | At a winery in Slovenia, the nearby road looks like a heart. "The owner says when the road was build, the workers drunk so much that they made the road curvy and ended up as a heart shape," says #YourShotPhotographer A. Kadar. "True or not, a nice dinner with local specialities, a glass of wine made from the grapes on the hill, and a long exposure made my evening unforgettable."a day agoDownload
Ice Cave | Photograph by Jason Gulley | Svalbard, Norway, is an archipelago near the North Pole, with terrain full of glaciers and ice caves. Here, a scientist works his way out of a deep vertical cave also called a moulin. He and his team map the caves to understand how water flows through glaciers-- which leads to sea level rise. #YourShotPhotographer2 days agoDownload
Sweet Celebration | Photograph by Majid Hojati | A giant batch of samanak is cooked up in Isfahan, Iran. The traditional dessert is made of wheat germ, flour, and water, and made to celebrate the Iranian New Year. #YourShotPhotographer2 days agoDownload
Love Rocks | Photograph by Nachum Weiss | Wild Nubian ibex share a moment on the rocks of the Negev Desert in southern Israel. #YourShotPhotographer2 days agoDownload
Lucky Strike | Photograph by Greg McCown (@tucsonre) | #YourShotPhotographer Greg McCown has been chasing this image for quite sometime. “After seven years of trying, I finally got my lightning and rainbow picture,” said McCown. “I spent the afternoon chasing storms with a pair of friends from Phoenix. After driving through a microburst on I-10, they decided to head back home. I decided to head back towards Tucson. I stopped in Marana to photograph this beautiful rainbow. It was difficult to find a spot without houses or telephone poles, but I did just in time. This lightning bolt came crashing down within minutes of setting up.”2 days agoDownload
Patterns on the Beach | Photograph by Arshad Syed
“These are natural patterns on the beach in Bhimily AP, India,” shares #YourShotPhotographer Arshad Syed. “The mineral rich beaches make changing patterns with every wave, the rising sun at dawn made these patterns look like fire.”3 days agoDownload
A Floating Crown | Photograph by Pier Mane
Protea Banks, a reef off the eastern coast of South Africa, is home to incredible biodiversity—including this massive cephea jellyfish, spotted by #YourShotPhotographer Pier Mane. He calls it the “biggest jellyfish I’ve ever seen. Her purple head and yellow fuselage were simply amazing.”3 days agoDownload