mes babes, quoi de prévu pour cette new semaine de confinement? Racontez moi touuuuut YAYAYA 💕.
Moi je pense que je vais faire mes meilleures parties de MARIO KART 😭
The Bellas are back! In honor of the new season of @totalbellas kicking off tonight at 9/8c only on E! Today’s make up inspiration is none other than @thebriebella and @thenikkibella You two are responsible for not only opening the world of wwe to a whole new audience, but also showing what can be done with the opportunities we're given as wwe superstars. You arent just amazing entrepreneurs and role models you're also amazing people. We miss you in the ring but also love watching your journey outside of it! Continue bringing twin magic to the world. Cheers 🥂 🍷 💋 #totalbellas #bellatwins #wwe #wrestlemania #sashabanks #makeuptutorial #makeup
Corsica, France summer 2019
¡Entrenamiento en familia! 😅
👤📷: Reste naturelle je te prend en photo
- Moi : 
J-18 Confiné les Bebew !!!!😱😱😱 J’essaye de m’occuper comme je peux !!!! J’ai improvisé un ping pong sur ma table à manger !!!!! 😂😂😂 Et vous les Bebew vous faites quoi pendant ce confinement ???? ❤️❤️ #resterchezvous
Ich habe heute ein wenig durch meine Fotos gescrollt und hab das Bild von den Victoria Falls wiedergefunden 😍
Das ist eins meiner absoluten Lieblingsbilder 🙌🏼🥰
Meine Challenge für euch: Postet auch euer Lieblingsbild und lasst uns neben all der Negativität wieder das Schöne in den Vordergrund rücken 🙌🏼
Markiert mich gerne auf euren Bildern, dann like ich sie fleißig 😊
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нам судьбой суждено встретится снова 
в одном из февральских дней .
делаю ставку на тридцать первое . 
#бродский .
ph @liimannastya 📸
If you don’t follow Thomas Joseph @tojo827 you really should . he is the creative director of food at Martha Stewart* and also developer of great recipess and ideas on #kitchenconundrums  on @marthastewart  and YouTube
CEO of avoir 22 ans mais ressembler à une fille de 16 ans. 😭😂 vous pensez que mon visage va grandir un jour????
Wonders, beautiful wonders ,are happening despite  the onslaught of the invasive virus .  My gorgeous Medinilla is blooming like never before  It is about seven years old and has grown quite large with long woody branches , bright green shiny leaves and pendulous , once a year  bright pink flowers .  There are about 190 species of this plant in the world  which originated in tropical areas of the world from Africa, Southern Asia and the Western Pacific  This pink version comes from the Philippines
I am using lots of wonderful  and new and innovative tools while I am home in isolation I have lots of time to be curious and experimental  One of my best new tools is the improved @breville juicer blender called a Bluicer which I use every morning to make my magical “green juice”  the new machine functions as a powerful juice extractor from fruits and vegetables and also as a blender to create smoothies and other types of drinks without eliminating the pulp and fiber  I had a lot of kumquats and calamondins in the fridge and I decided to try juicing them to make a flavorful juice for curds and pie fillings  Maybe even sorbet or ice cream!  The juice was absolutely delicious and two medium bowls of these small semi tart citrus  made five pints of juice!!! Thanks @breville
“Not how long, but how well you have lived is the main thing.”✌🏻
#keepgoing #keepmotivating #faisusquad❤️ #kbye