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3 months ago


When you show up and do what you said you were going to do .... 11.5 months ago I said I was joining a at home workout program and I'm going to push myself somehow and I'm going to get fit ,lose some weight and see results ... That's what I did ! I've pushed myself to not fail ,I said if I'm doing it ,I'm doing it .. Here I am ! Still showing up daily,still eating healthy ,still drinking half my body weight of water a day ( if not more ). Still following my portion control containers ... I feel fabulous, energized daily ,flexible , healthy ,( all the good food ) clothes fit great now if not too big in certain areas . In a much better mindset more positive ..I've gotten so much from this program not just muscles and a flat stomach !! My whole way of thinking and making positive choices .. So glad I made this decision and that I stuck to my promise to myself .. 47 has been a great year so far .. #dowhatyousay#keepyourptomise#staytruetoyou#dontletypurselfdown#doitforyou#nobodyelse#staycommitted#motivateyourself#jointjisamazinggroup#feelgreataboutyourself#lookgreatsoon#dontgiveup#youcandoit#joinme#watchme


Seems to have made a positive impact on your life so far