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3 months ago


For me, change feels like carrying a boulder 10X my size up a steep mountain: it was never made to be easy. My brain is not wired for change. I have to practice that god-forsaking weak ass muscle EVERY FREAKING TIME until I move through the new phase (kicking and screaming, mind you). Under the umbrella of change, I include death, growth, healing, and being vulnerable. When I find myself way over my head, I ask to see one thing in the situation that has space for me to breath. I ask for options and I try to be grateful for whatever comes forth to teach me. In this way, I step out of the victim mentality of ‘why me?’ into a gentle warrior that asks me to look at the big picture and walk onward with grace. I am not here to fight or to prove anyone wrong; I am here to learn to see my current circumstance in a new and curious way. Fear has a way of contracting me, of making me smaller unless I harness it’s power and keep moving forward. Fear has a way of forcing me to go back to the safety of what I know instead seeing my life as an adventure that I have yet to uncover. For this reason, despair has no place in my life. I look for hope not in a blind faith kind of way but as a path to trusting that everything is happening for me, for us. Hope is the way I chose to walk through my life. It is not only the belief that things will be better but that, in many ways that I cannot see nor understand yet, they already are! #believeinyoursacred #trust #courage #resilience #beflexible #resistanceisfutile #despair #hope #onevictoryatatime #change #lessonslearnedinlife #leanin #curiosity #fear #growth #healing #death #vulnerability