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a month ago


Today is day 2 of my journey towards a better version of who I am. I am very surprised at how I’m feeling, I feel good. Other then cravings I had yesterday afternoon I haven’t really felt hungry. I am also surprised that I am maintaining and exceeding my efforts at the gym. I was more expecting to be feeling a lot weaker while my body adjusted. I have also learnt a valuable lesson. My friend called me to see how I was going and I let her know I was feeling good, had just finished at the gym and was cooking dinner. She asked what I was making and I told her that I was having Pasta and I had corn on the cob on the side. She let me know that there isn’t really any nutritional value in me eating sweet corn which I was very surprised about. I’m thinking I’m eating a vegetable 😂 This is what I’m so looking forward to learning about all the veggies and their nutritional values. Trying out veggies I’ve never tried before. Just a whole new world for me. #plantbased #becomingkong #journeytohealth #southyarra #fattofit #becomingvegan #myjourneytoabetterme #bebetter #livelovelaugh