a month ago


Day 3 Goodmorning! I was out and about yesterday and drinks were served. When somebody asked me why not? I responded “I’m trying to quit”. After I said that to the waiter, my mind wanted to grab the drink; meh fuck it. Why did I say “trying”? That one word made me question my own decision. I realised the goal was not to quit drinking; solely outcome based goal. Identity based goal was to be better, live happier, feel healthier, enjoy life alcohol free (AF), socialise constructively and coherently, stay active, work hard, look fitter. If any of you are trying to quit something and you simply focus on quitting, it’s reasonable for a while until it’s not. Instead of looking outward, look inward. Ask yourself what is it within yourself you want to change? Unless you start looking at the beliefs you have which sabotage the person you want to become, no change is possible. At the most it will be a temporary fix. I use Dr Russ Harris’s Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT) model alongside the method Annie Grace uses religiously in This Naked Mind program. One of the best things about it is it allows you to work through beliefs; the root cause. Our beliefs are a direct result of the socially constructed positive (but in reality not so positive) ideas around alcohol that make it okay momentarily to decide not to quit but in certain situation feels absolutely overwhelming. Growing up we’ve seen alcohol in films, in parties, a social cue, a right of pass to being a connoisseur in fancy vintage liquor etc. It’s ingrained in each of us growing up. The alcohol industry mints millions of money. What it doesn’t tell you is it’s reality. The harms. It actually causes more death than heroin. I’ve been studying a lot of science to understand the interaction between alcohol and the mind and it’s what motivated me to re-start an AF life. Despite this I still find myself resisting being AF because I’m continuing to hold onto positive beliefs about alcohol. ACT is my saving grace. I also need changes in the environment I surround myself in. Triggers are everywhere. Especially ladies night (Oops it’s Tuesday 🙊) #personalgrowth #sobercurious #teaforthewin #thisnakedmind #russharris