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6 months ago


A scene from Episode 11 of #hosehbo8 where Baibai chances upon Mei Dahan at the ground floor of her block. Turns out he had heard the meowing of a kitten in one of the letterboxes... Dahan and Baibai go up to look for the unit owner of the mailbox which the 🐈 is trapped in... turns out that the unit owner is a mentally unstable lady whom Baibai has met before. After much persuasion, Dahan and Baibai manage to get the key to the mailbox πŸ“¬ and free the kitten inside. They watch as the 🐈 crawls away (without thanking them 😹😹) then Baibai apologizes to Dahan for getting the wrong idea about him earlier. Good to see old flames in good terms #yahui #desmondng
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