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A HUGE sea of plastic trash is swirling in the Great Pacific Ocean which is only part of an even broader plastic plague that’s growing in oceans world wide! #greatpacificgarbagepatch Remember when you throw things ‘away’ it must go somewhere! Start saving our environment by minimising the plastic you use on board! Check out our catalogue - link in bio 🐢
Busy day at Monaco!! Say hi as I walk by! 😎😎🤩🤩Hello Monaco!! Looking forward to meeting you all over the next few days!Brings a smile to my face to open delivery and see it using all eco recycled packaging!! 😍😍😍❤❤👍👍Bananas in pyjamas??🍌🍌
Fun and silly!!
Bananas in plastic!! That's just silly 🙄
Bananas are pretty much perfect ( even tho I confess I don't like them!! ..I do keep trying ) They are great to eat any time of the day, theyre portable, nutritious and they come with their own wrapper, one that's 100% compostable. So WHY do we have to wrap it up in plastic?? What's your pet plastic hate?🤬
Comment belowVery lucky to have spent two days on board the amazing M/Y Alfa Nero . Fantastic crew made us so welcome and spoilt us all! You are the best!! 👍😍 Really happy to see they have made a step towards stopping the use of plastic bottles on board offering the guests their own customised steel bottles and the crew using the sports type! Check out our brochure www.ecoceansupplies.com to do the same! #alfaneroThe great Sir David Attenborough at Glastonbury June 30 2019 “Now this great festival has gone plastic-free,” he said. “That is more than a million bottles of water that have not been drunk by you in plastic. Thank you! Thank you!
We CAN make a difference!
We CAN change our habits!
We HAVE TO!! Contact me info@ecoceansupplies.com to learn how we can help.

Credit BBCRadio4/video