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5 months ago


Do you actively try to wear all of your clothes? Or do you have things that never see the light of day? ————— One of the best things about challenging myself to wear everything in my wardrobe is... um, wearing everything in my wardrobe!!! 😂 I guess that’s pretty obvious. But what I mean is that there are lots of clothes that I really love when I’m forced to actually put them on. Then there are ones like these that I realise are actually better in the wardrobe 🙈🙈🙈😝 ————— I love the colour of this top but I just don’t find it flattering on me. Maybe I subconsciously knew that, which is why it hasn’t been out of the wardrobe for a while! I might keep it to wear under a suit jacket but, more likely, I’ll swap it for something that fits me better. ————— The jeans didn’t feel right today either. I think they need to be shortened so I can avoid rolling them. But now I know and I wouldn’t if they were still sitting in a drawer gathering dust!