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🔥My 2nd Account🔥 😍мy ιnтro😍 🍁wanz 🍁 🌾33🌾 🌜 🇧🇳Brunei Darussalam🇧🇳🌛 🕌💕Muslim (i love islam)💕🕌
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📌Life Doesn't Allow For Us To Go Back And Fix💔What We Have Done Wrong in The Past, But it Does Allow🌷For Us To Live Each Day Better Than Our Last .💖🔅
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🌻May This Ramadhan Be A New Beginning Of Your Life❣.May You Be Muttaqi And Come Closer To Allah...🍁💫
🍃°ѕelaмaт мalaм°🍃
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•Happy Fasting To All Especially Muslims Anywhere in The World🌍. Don't Forget To Read The intent Of Fast & Don't Forget👌 To Wake Up Suhoor Later May Ramadhan💖This Time is Celebrated With Full Of Meaning & The Perfect Marhaban Ya Ramadhan ,Aamiin....•👐🌟6 months agoDownload
📌 Trust Me....Nobody is As Successful As Instragram📸Makes Them Look And Nobody is As Pretty🌹As Filters Make Them Seem.
The Only Healthy And Worthwhile Comparison is you Yesterday Us you Today(◍•ᴗ•◍)❤. 💫ⓝⓘⓖⓗⓣ💫
#Understanding Love❣
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🕊The Best Day That The Sun Has Risen Upon is 🍃°FRiDAY°🍃
"On it Adam Was Created, On it He Entered Paradise, And On it, He Was Expelled From it. And The Hour Will Not Be Established Except On Friday".💫🕌 (jaмι' at-тιrмιdнι 488)
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🕌ѕelaмaт мalaм🕌🌙
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- "Ya Allah,
Make My Relationship With You So Strong
That I Don't Need These People Or This World.❤
Ya Allah,🍃let Me Thrive On Your Love And The Love💖 For Your Destiny. Alhamdulillah For The Healthy Of This world🌎
You Have Blessed Me With, But , Ya Allah,
Do Not Let Me Get Attached To Such Short-Lived Materials” -🍁🍂 🌟💫goodnιgнт мy fl💫🌟6 months agoDownload
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🌍 Happy 🌟Miracle 💫Outstanding 🌟Sunday 🌟Sunshine ☀🌥🌥 🌏a year agoDownload