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Romantic resilience
We’ve been MIA this past week with a MAJOR flu/cold/germ 🤧😷 thing going around that completely knocked us on our behinds!
• While we were both sick, we got into one of the biggest arguments of our lives (great timing, guys 🙄). In addition to the stress of holidays and family, we were exhausted, running on empty, and we didn’t have the proper tools to deal with an issue in a loving, calm manner. Instead, we blew up, we hurt each other, we said things we didn’t mean, the silent treatment was involved, and our hearts both ended up hurting. Really hurting.
👉🏼While hindsight is 20/20👀, we could have navigated around this bump if we were proactive in our communication about certain subjects: expectations, love languages, and boundaries.
💞When expectations are not communicated or met in a relationship, resentment can build. If a love language isn't understood, it can be hurtful. If a threat is made, it can be damaging. We engage is these protesting behaviors because they seemingly save us from danger, when in fact they make things worse. But we're human and so are you. We make mistakes, we mess up, but we're always willing to dig deep because we love each other 𝒰𝓃𝒸𝑜𝓃𝒹𝒾𝓉𝒾𝑜𝓃𝒶𝓁𝓁𝓎 and resolving conflict requires loving confrontation. It takes wisdom, peace 🧘🏻‍♀️🧘🏼‍♂️, humility, and a lot of patience. It is always worth it.
👫We want to share this because there is no "perfect" couple. The movies, TV, and Instagram all portray picture perfect couples (guilty) and don't dig into the stuff that EVERY couple goes through - conflict. Happily ever after's have speed bumps and detours. Every couple gets into disagreements, but it's how you handle and resolve those conflicts that matter.
❤️As we are deep in this holiday season, remember to treat everyone with kindness, love, and respect - especially your partner.
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We're all wired to want it. It's a basic human need. Whether it's with a parent (our first attachment), a friend, or a romantic partner, we're wired to form these connections and attachments with other humans on a deep, emotional level. It's amazing to think that it all starts back to how we formed an emotional bond with our parents. Now there are dozens of books written about this so we can only begin to scratch the surface here, share our own experiences, and hope that they can help you.
There are different types of attachments:
💞Secure: Comfortable displaying and receiving affection, can draw clear boundaries
💞Anxious: Needs reassurance & affection, craves intimacy
💞Avoidant: Always has an exit strategy, independent, uncomfortable with intimacy
💞Anxious-Avoidant: Avoids intimacy, lashes out if someone tries to get close to them
🤔Now think about this... that attachment system begins in infancy and stays with you as you grow into adulthood. You then bring those same attachment styles into your romantic relationships.
👫Sometimes we struggle because Coco is more anxious and Scott is more avoidant. While that's a natural attraction, we've had to learn more about how to put this into practice in not just our disagreements, but in our every day. It’s a learning process that we still struggle with from time to time, but we’re willing to put in the work and learn from and about each other because love is always worth it.
👉🏼What type of attachment style are you?
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“Never love someone who treats you like you’re ordinary”
✨ Oscar Wilde 
This post is dedicated to my best friend, my lover, my life partner - my Scottie❤️ The man that always keeps me laughing, never lets me take life too seriously (even when I really try to), and always weathers the storms that life throws at us with a handsome smile 🥰 There’s no one else I’d rather go through this life with 👫
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A little slice of heaven 🍕
Before heading to Ischia, we planned to swim in the Tyrrhenian Sea, zip around the island on a Vespa, eat ALL of the pizza, and taste Ischian wines, but we did not plan...for a panic attack. Listen - while we want to keep things positive, we also want to keep things REAL. Travel isn’t always pretty and even the best of planners cannot plan for these things. After a gauntlet of travel, extreme jet lag, and “powering through it,” panic got me in the most unexpected of places. I mean - I’m in Italy, that should solve all of my problems, right? 🤷🏻‍♀️ 👉🏼 Near or far, I would NEVER want someone to have to go through these emotions alone. Here are some tips for dealing with anxiety and depression while traveling:
• Don’t overplan: give yourself time to go with the flow and surrender yourself to a destination.
• Give yourself a break: while it’s natural to want to see EVERYTHING while traveling, this mentality can overwhelm you and take away from the moment. Don’t try to see everything, but enjoy everything you see.
• Schedule down time / me time: Nurture yourself, meditate, schedule a massage, watch Netflix in bed, stay inside all day. Not every travel day has to be full and scheduled.
• Cry: if you need to cry, cry. Bottling up the emotion will not help.
• Reach out to a loved one: Call a friend, a family member, or a loved one that is gentle and nurturing to your mental health. It’s easy to want to isolate yourself but it’s important to have someone to reach out to if you need to talk.
• Use Apps: @headspace @calm and Breathe are all great apps to help calm you down in SOS moments.
• Know that you didn’t ruin the trip: There’s a cycle of shame that goes along with anxiety and depression. Perhaps you think you should be happy because you’re in a destination or you feel bad because you feel like you’re “ruining” the trip. Say no to shame. You didn’t ruin anything. Travel isn’t always pretty, and it might feel really shitty in the moment, but this experience will make you a stronger, more resilient human being in the end.
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A castle on a cloud ☁️
There’s a word in French that translates to “a man who saunters for the pure enjoyment of it.” Flâneurs. Even the word evokes a sense of joy and wonder. Now let’s modify it for everyone out there - not just the men 😉
👉🏼 This got us thinking. When we travel, we get out of our daily rituals and habits and surrender ourselves to the city. We walk to get lost. We wander for the pure joy of it. We don’t try to get 10,000 steps in because we feel like we have to - they happen naturally because we are curious.
👉🏼 When was the last time you sauntered for the pure enjoyment of it? When was the last time you decided to take a walk in your own neighborhood, soak it in, and let your mind flow?
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“There’s life after Manchego” - the most epic local Basque woman ever
In honor of Thanksgiving, we thought we'd share our FAVORITE foodie city in the world: San Sebastián. Now, this is legitimately the only "grammable" photo we took while we were in Basque Country because we were busy...EATING ALL THE PINTXOS 🍤🧀🥐🌶🥘
👉🏼 Dublin has bar hopping🍻, Ibiza has club hopping🍾, and San Sebastián has Pintxo bar hopping 🍴! Pintxos are the Basque version of tapas: small, bite-sized snacks, typically eaten in bars around northern Spain and Basque country. 👉🏼Here are our picks for the top Pinxto bars in San Sebastián (save this for later - your stomach will thank you!):
• Mendaur Berria (order the txakoli wine & squid with kimchi sauce)
• Casa Urola (order the scallops, mushrooms with egg yolk, hake chins, and ham croquettes)
• Atari (order the octopus and tinto de verano wine)
• Ganbara (order the fresh mushrooms with egg yolk, anchovies, and jamon & cheese on a croissant)
• Sirimiri (order the acorn fed jamon & slow cooked lamb)
• A Fuego Negro (order the mini wagyu beef burger)
• Goiz Argi (order the prawn skewer & fried peppers)
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“Road trips open up an entire new chapter to the world. Endless roads, routes and romance. It is a big and beautiful world. Most of us live and die in the same corner where we were born and never get to see any of it. I don't want to be most of us."
••••• There is something about the open road that immediately exudes a sense of freedom and omnipresent opportunity. What if you could bring that same open mindedness to life? What if you could say, "yes" when adventures presented themselves, however small or large they may be? What if you could look at the twists and turns of life as a beautiful challenge instead of an obstacle? What if you could take the flexibility you have on the open road to go with the flow of life?
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As we dig deeper into relationships and all of the facets that go into creating your love story, we wanted to tackle some of your own relationship questions:
@justintravelslife asked, "I would love to know from a couples standpoint how you pick travel, do you both enjoy the same type of locations (active vs leisure) all the time, do you take turns picking, do you ever conflict over where to go and what to do?"
👉🏼 Luckily, we have a lot in common. Sometimes, we enjoy culturally immersive experiences that delve us deep into the history of a destination. Oftentimes, it's for the adventures - hiking, skiing, scuba diving, etc. Other times, we travel solely for the food (can you blame us?) We also LOVE revisiting destinations to uncover hidden gems that we didn't get to see the first time around.
👉🏼 However, we don't always see eye to eye on where to go. Coco enjoys warm weather destinations, safaris, and hiking trips, while Scott leans towards colder weather and skiing trips. Because we sometimes differ, we try to compromise, alternate, and communicate where we both want to go so that we're both happy. Sometimes, we'll divide and conquer. For example, last year Scott went to Park City to snowboard 🏂with our dear friend @andrew__muse while Coco went to CDMX with her best friend 💃🏻
👉🏼 In true nerd fashion, we usually make an excel spreadsheet in the beginning of the year with our dream destinations so that we can discuss and manifest these destinations. Of course, since we are a production company🎥, many destinations come to us and if we think we'll vibe with the destination and that our followers will benefit from it, we go! We used to say yes to almost everything, but we're trying to be a little bit pickier and balance it with our own travels.
👉🏼 Both of our weaknesses are trying to pack too much into a short amount of time, but we're slowly but surely learning our lessons.
👉🏼 How do you choose where to travel to next?
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You know that little voice in your head? The one that wants to guide you towards greatness? The one you continuously quiet?
🧭 We all have a true north, but we don't always follow it. Oftentimes, it's because we're scared that we'll fail or that we'll truly be SEEN. And that vulnerability stuff can be scary as hell, am I right?
💎 But the only way that we'll ever realize our true potential is if we try. Dare greatly. Fail greatly. Get back up again and do the damn thing. Rinse and repeat. Now THAT is the definition of success.
❓What are you scared of trying? We have a challenge for you. Pick ONE thing. Just one thing that scares you. It could be asking that girl out. It could be reaching out to manufacturers to create that product you've always dreamed of. It could be stepping foot in the gym. What is ONE thing that you can do this week that scares you? What's the worst that can happen? You fail? You get back up and you try again tomorrow. We challenge you to DO THE DAMN THING. 👉🏼 Life is way too precious and WAY too damn short to let time pass you by ⏰ Nothing will change if you don’t change.
👉🏼 To hold you accountable, write the thing that scares you - little or big - and let us help you take it on!
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Living life by a compass 🧭and not a clock⏰
#sponsored Not all classrooms confine themselves to four walls. In reality - my greatest teacher has been Mother Nature herself. She challenges me, keeps me on my toes, revitalizes my soul, and allows me to go through a moving meditation on her monolithic mountains. Thanks to @zappos and @thenorthface , I'll #NeverStopExploring in my new The North Face Thermoball Eco Hoodie. The portable, lightweight, and WARM jacket keeps me outfitted for all of life's adventures. 
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🤫 The secrets of marriage...
We created Roamaroo to not only embolden people to see the world and follow their dreams, but for couples to have a safe space that inspires them to be the best couple that they can be. We realized that there are not many places in the world where authentic, trustworthy, REAL relationships can be discussed and we want to be that space for you. Because let’s be real - our attachments and relationships are a vulnerable place and it’s rare to feel comfortable showcasing our most precious and personal feelings.
📸 Sure, at first glance, our Instagram can appear to just be a creatively curated page of travel inspiration, but we want to offer you much more value than just aesthetics. We're going to start digging into relationships more in the hopes that we can become a place for people who are:
• ready for a relationship
• those who are already in relationships
💓 We want this to be a place that we can all share our fears, hopes, and dreams. We don't want that Cosmo/ Disney princess bs...we want to dig deep. There's not enough talk about the stuff that it REALLY takes to make a marriage work. Hint: It's not always easy, but it's always worth it.
👉🏼 We want to talk about long distance relationships, communication, disagreements, fear setting, and how travel relates to relationships. But most of all - we want to know - what do you want to know about us and about relationships?
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Partners in wine 🍷
The quickest way to travel is through your tastebuds. After our travels through France this fall, we fell in love with the delicious wines (can you blame us?). #ad We're using @vivino to bring the taste of French wine country directly to our home this holiday season. 👉🏼Tis' the season to love the WINE you're with. Simply scan your favorite wines on the Vivino app and have them delivered straight to your home! #cheerstoyou #vivino #vivinobehindthescan20 days agoDownload