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WRLD 🛒🦚✨|| don‘t repost my shit thank you
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casually trying vcity for the 1st time 🌽
i stan her and we all know it
ac. kweemki
dt. tagged
app. ccp
note: i tried okay
#arianagrandeedits #velocityedit
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I‘amour de moi pour lui 🍵🍃
this one‘s for him & only him; tag him pls!
[rsmb] || dt- tagged_<3
pls ignore the glitches,thx!
ic: garza.ccp
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talk to me 🌊✨
so the chapters continue...
app// cutecutpro [ALL]
ac// unknown
dt// tagged
cc// vs.bxrdi <3
ib// garzawrld
i worked literally one day on all transitions k bye!
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maneater 🎢🍸 | [ccp] | tag her <3
crazy one for crazy kehlani' 
but also multi-female;)——————————————————
ac < pvradisiac
dt < tagged
time taken: around 3 hrs 🤓
app: cute cut pro
song: maneater - Nelly Furtado
share on your story pls 🥺
[#shenzicult] | 4 pm | it‘s off beat ik ik
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miss yu baeby 🍦✨| tag @/saweetie
i already know this gonna flop 
ac & ib < unknown/byedits
cc < i love my boo @editingcardi 🦋
dt < tagged [i love y‘all]
app: cute cut pro + 2 free vs effects
song: shazam will help, sugar 💅🏼
[share on your story & i‘ll love you forever 😌]
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$end Pie | ik it‘s senpai | for my closest ✨
Enjoy the ultrafast gr•ey//
ac & ib < vin.mp4
dt < tagged
app: cute cut pro 
song: senpai - Shiki
I feel like this is my first "real" ccp edit 🐉
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blackberry sky 🛵 
for my close friend list <3
i kinda got lazy and didn‘t finish off
< ac @/94e
< app: cute cut pro
< time taken: around 2 days 🥴
< dt: tagged
no i am not german.
[#𝙨𝙝𝙚𝙣𝙯𝙞𝙘𝙪𝙡𝙩 #teambreezy]
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issa love robbery' 😌✨
I forgot the logo, pls don‘t steal
dt - tagged
song: love robbery - kian + ricky
this is a scrap i guess. [#basicrct1 ]
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