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•• Just random doodles and lego by @sandra.e.park ➖ Finding creative tangibility 🖋️
Turning my final paint into 족자3 days agoDownload
자목란2 months agoDownload
Drawing outlines3 months agoDownload
In honoring my husband 🦅5 months agoDownload
All these little details 🚗
8 months agoDownload
Progress10 months agoDownload
At the land of IKEA10 months agoDownload
In progressa year agoDownload
Listing out everything I should pack for the tripa year agoDownload
Snacking while lego-inga year agoDownload
Organizing my to-do list for December. Can’t believe it’s December already.a year agoDownload
Multitaskinga year agoDownload