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ONE STOP ECO SHOP for yachts and villas South of France deliveries and shipping worldwide.
Setting off to do my first ever Ultra Marathon tomorrow. 50km race across sand dunes and mountain trails. This is the level of preparation it takes just to make it to the finish line. Thank you to everyone who has helped along the way and please don’t forget to donate. I’m still looking to hit the £3000 target for @mindcharity 🙏🏼 😊 Looking to learn as much as I can from this race to set me up for the @almarmoomultramarathon in 2020. - @adventurehq @urbanultra @expat_motors_uae @rightbite @brownnblond @ecocean_supplies @heisedeluxe 💫 #utx50 #ultramarathon #trailrunning #race #rasalkhaima #uae
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