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Watercolor pie of the day featuring the @instagram logo 🎨 This was probably the most difficult pie to date ... getting those shapes even and colors blended was definitely a challenge ... but it was still fun! It's always fun 😊 What should I put on a pie next? Would love your suggestions! ✨ Also, if you have questions about pies, pie crusts, decorating a pie, or watercoloring decorations, please leave those in the comments. I'll include all the answers in an upcoming blog and video. Thank you for following along and sharing the pies on your own feeds! I hope lots of you make bright, beautiful, show-stopping pies this fall 🍂 #myinstagramlogo #watercolorpies #WCpies
3 years ago
Dear @instagram it was great to be able to join in your big event #wwim11 It was my first wwim to be honest. More than connecting people, travelling, or capturing moments, that was about togetherness and happiness. 
That's an IG logo that we've create using our phone as a device to capture and share moment, mostly. -
Terima Kasih @instagram
5 years ago
@Instagram has changed !!! 🌈
Do you like the new logo? 
Suscribe to @elyxyak notifications 😉👍
#Instagram #newinstagram #myinstagramlogo
4 years ago
💞😍💞 fall in love with new @instagram logo💞😍💞 #myinstagramlogo
4 years ago
...I'm so chuffed to have been asked by @instagram to be part of the launch of their brand new and much more colourful logo today by creating this #myinstagramlogo ...over the last 5 years the app and this community has not only encouraged my love for colour but has massively supported me as an artist too...
It has opened my eyes to a world full of vibrancy, creativity, friendship and life, something which I'm incredibly grateful for. 
So...obviously I'm totally into this all new colourful @instagram vibe!
4 years ago
How do you like the new @instagram look? I got my version of it 😉
#MyInstagramLogo #découvrirensemble
4 years ago