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EXTREME Duke Droese2 days agoDownload
The last time I worked w/ these 2 men
The last #ECW Hammerstein' Ballroom 2001
Ron & Charlie
@impactwrestling brought it back2 days agoDownload
Figure something leglock3 days agoDownload
He said he watched me on black & white TV4 days agoDownload
My face when I walk into @giordanospizza4 days agoDownload
Bought these on clearance
I should have read the label4 days agoDownload
I may have to retire
My lucky socks ripped
I had a good run
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I called this camera shot on the fly
Lives forever
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Weird audition for @dancingabc5 days agoDownload
A 12 yr old me was w/his dad @thegarden
It was the greatest thing I ever saw
It influenced Mick Foley to become a wrestler
@nunzio_guido & Bubba Ray Dudley @team3dacademy were there
10 years later I became the only person to ever kick out of the famed Superfly Splash
Jimmy was an amazing performer and a friend that helped a young wrestler in #ECW when he didnt have to.6 days agoDownload
My thoughts all the time
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