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Nobody can judge you when you living your truth. #stashlife
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❤️ @laisribeiro  #playavibe #burningman 📷 @jeromedurana month agoDownload
In other news , I want thank everyone who helped me surprised @laisribeiro lord know how hard it is to hide  this from her. Love you kids. @stickity13 . ❤️ merci  @jeromeduran , la Grange family @bmlagrange @lucyaragon @dennisanyc . #shesaidyes 💍 #burningman
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Don’t forget to laugh today.2 months agoDownload
“The human body is the most  advance technology on Earth. However most knows how to operate their cellphones . “  appreciate you brother. @lairdhamiltonsurf 🙏🏾 #whitelaird #blacklaird2 months agoDownload
We can come to this world eat , shit, reproduce like every other animals or we can do things to make the world a better place. Love you boys . That’s the wave we on. @stickity13 @kevinvilkin 👑
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In 2006 he was named one of the 100 people who help shaped the world. In 2019 you offer the trap and the gang a ride to the city. Your legend continue sir. @paulsimonofficial 🙏🏾 #beingkindiscool3 months agoDownload
My guy pilot Kevin  landed this falcon 7x after all 3 engines fail last night .  True legend. God is good . #whosthecaptainnow 👑3 months agoDownload
Catching up turn to yoga session . Welcome home @mywaymikeyj3 months agoDownload
You once told me that it feels so much better to be kind to people. It resonate with me. Love you brother. Happy Birthday  @alesso .3 months agoDownload
Being calm about everything allows your mind to find solutions. Calmness is also a state of trust. Instead of overthinking and over reacting you just surrender for that moment and allow yourself to receive guidance for what doesn’t make sense 📷 @elijah_a.b  @xptlife3 months agoDownload
Of course there’s a monkey at  Your  birthday party @dinetz . May your legend continues sir . 👑3 months agoDownload