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Hi, we work for Leo Mazzotti and follow styling women that's are matching with our brand.
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Quick photo of the outfit before go out ✨👀 We can’t stop obsessing over this DV Sweet Red on the wrist of @marinegaby_ ! New bracelet will be launch Tuesday, the countdown is on ! ⏰ #LeoMazzotti #LeoMazzottiFamily16 days agoDownload
Saturdays should always be coloful 🌈🙌🏼 Beautiful @joyceh._ has matched the latest summer colors with her  fave combination : the DV Classic Peach and the Bangle Details Gold ! #LeoMazzotti #LeoMazzottiFamily16 days agoDownload
All about the details of your outfit🌷 Update your look and take it to the next level with the combination of the DV Classic Grey and the Bangle Details Silver ! (by @xoalyynicole) #LeoMazzotti #LeoMazzottiFamily16 days agoDownload
Happy soul - happy life 😁💭 Beautiful @la_nadia with the DV Classic black, a perfect detail for the coming season! #LeoMazzotti #LeoMazzottiFamily16 days agoDownload
Red details are always a good idea 🌹💫 Get ready for compliments with the unique DV Leather Red on your wrist ! Get it now or cry later 💔(by @deanaduka) #LeoMazzotti #LeoMazzottiFamily2 months agoDownload
Keep you on trend - keep you on chic ✨🙌🏼 With the DV Classic Red on your wrist, you will be noticed by everyone ! Get yours before it’s too late ! #LeoMazzotti #LeoMazzottiFamily2 months agoDownload
Shopping is never a bad idea 😏✨ Our brand ambassador @xoalyynicole and her trend bracelet, the DV Classic White ! Explore our unique jewelry pieces through the link in bio 💫 #LeoMazzotti #LeoMazzottiFamily2 months agoDownload
Beach - a place of relaxation, rest and tranquility 🌸✨ Our ambassador @dayinmydreams with the Dolce Vita Leather Pink enjoys the sunny day ! Be fast and get your fave before it’s sold out 💔 #LeoMazzotti #LeoMazzottiFamily2 months agoDownload
Light colors for summer season 🌤✨ Our brand ambassador @paulinenavy is wearing her fave combination - the DV Classic White & Pink & the Simplicity Bangle Coffee ! Stocks are limited, hurry beauties 🔥 #LeoMazzotti #LeoMazzottiFamily⁠3 months agoDownload
For every outfit, find your matching bracelet 💫 Our brand ambassador @leaendys with the Black Classic DV is matching with the Simplicity Black Bangle ! Happy friday beauties💋 #LeoMazzotti #LeoMazzottiFamily3 months agoDownload
A woman with class is timeless 💫 In a soft material and hand braided, our Classic bracelets are the touch of sweetness of your outfit. The White Classic DV is tagged, get it now 💛✨ #LeoMazzotti #LeoMazzottiFamily3 months agoDownload
Can’t get my eyes off of this dreamy combination ✨👀 The ultimate jewelry for the upcoming season - DV Leather Grey & Simplicity Gold Bangle ! Tap the image to shop ❤️ (by @paulinenavy) #LeoMazzotti #LeoMazzottiFamily3 months agoDownload