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More is more tasty type + tasty looks // nyc
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A collection of items purchased @goodwillintl18 hours agoDownload
#tastiness as seen in TriBeCa3 days agoDownload
Thinking about how much I miss this jacket5 days agoDownload
Haven’t really been taking pics or keeping up with the account so here’s an old pic in some vans that have since died and a jacket that’s disappeared into the ether8 days agoDownload
Last pool-side pic of the year, summer you will be missed9 days agoDownload
*~act casual~*14 days agoDownload
Feeling good, feeling fine 😎20 days agoDownload
Every time I take a photo I have to resist the urge to stick my tongue out for reasons I do not know. This time I couldn’t resist the urge and I’m a huge fan of the photo.21 days agoDownload
Just need to take a moment to give a shout out to @mirmaid54 for, Always 👏🏻 Getting 👏🏻The 👏🏻Pic 👏🏻22 days agoDownload
New boots @coach25 days agoDownload
#tastiness as seen in Prospect Heightsa month agoDownload
I made @pastrami_acres take photos of me by my new apartment, not sure he enjoyed it but the pictures turned out greata month agoDownload